Native Apps using web technologies - Titanium

Mobile Apps are the latest buzz!!! I want to dirty my hands and did basic research on what's involved.

The 1st question: Native apps or Web Apps?

Native apps has its own advantages but there will be steep learning curve and different code base for various platforms. So, my initial bias was more towards Web apps. But, performance and some limitations (unable to use platform specific features) are a bit of concern.

I have played with various frameworks and shortlisted the following two for in depth research.

  1. Sencha Touch & Phonegap
  2. Appcelerator Titanium

Finally decided to use Titanium for following reasons:
  1. Active development
  2. Performance close to native apps
  3. Developer community
  4. Better documentation
  5. Exhaustive examples (Kitchen sink)

Playing it for the last couple of months and definitely recommended it.

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